SLAM Tour flops in USA – UK Show set to also FAIL


The UK is to see the biggest fail in Bollywood showbiz history when Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) performs at the o2 arena alongside his star team as part of the SLAM UK tour. Stars as part of his team include Deepika, Abishekh Bachchan, among others. The tour which has flopped in the States and meant local promoters handed out thousands of complimentary tickets to fill up the masses of empty spaces, will face the same fate on Sunday 5th October at the largest arena in the UK. SLAM which has been called a massive promotion stunt for SRK’s Happy New Year is set to fail due to many different reasons, the main being that the UK will see two Eids.

Saturday and Sunday will both be days of Eid in the uK, this is due to Saudi Arabia and its followers doing Eid on Saturday and the rest of Britain’s Muslim community doing it on Sunday. Alongside this there is also another factor which leaves this show below the standard which is except for SRK there is no wow factor in the team.

International Bollywood promoter Mr Jotwani told the Desi Times Chicago:

It did not make sense at that price where they can make any returns on investment. I explained to the Event Managers of Cineyug Entertainment (the company who produced the tour) you would out-price yourselves on this show since American-Indian audience is not ready to pay that sort of price for the ticekts. I also advised to announce the show of this sorts at least five months in advance to help people prepare and do proper marketing of the show.

Mr Jotwani also added he refused to take the show mainly ‘due to the price factor’.

SLAM london has been organised by Farhath Hussain and Think Events and reports suggest both parties are currently driving around the United Kingdom reimbursing their creditors with complimentary tickets in a bid to fill the arena. This will mean those who have forked out for the overpriced seats will end up sitting at the back whilst thousands of complimentary guests will be enjoying the show from the front without paying a single penny to buy the tickets. This resembles what happened in Chicago and many other cities across the United States of America.

The show has been described as ‘choppy, without a flow, full of too many promos, among other things. People have even claimed they have felt cheated by Shah Rukh Khan who returned to the live arenas after ten years of not touring the world.

The true failure of the tour in the USA came from a report in the Desi Times Chicago by Monty Saiyed. His report can be read in the newspaper clippings below: