Iffi K and DJ Surinder Rattan collaborate on Lak Tera


Iffi K, the Leicester based bhangra artist who has been behind hit tracks with Cheshire Cats, JKD, Hunterz and many other artists has collaborated on his newest project ‘Lak Tera’ with Manchester based music man DJ Surinder Rattan.

The track has had a video shot in Barcelona and is set to break all records in the UK music market. The record label behind the track is AK Records and it is presented to the world by AP Entertainment and VB Media.

You can see the teaser below:

Talking about the release, a spokesman for VB Media said:

“Iffi K has some heat coming with the new track Lak Tera. It’s going to be a banger and a track that’s going to show the world that Iffi K is still bringing amazing music to the audiences.

“Watch out for this phenomenal track.”

The track will shortly be released on iTunes and all major online distribution networks.

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