Taz of Stereo Nation criticises BBC Asian Network Playlist


Taz Stereo Nation the legend singer who is renowned for his hit songs has criticised and questions the motives and the way in which the BBC work. The Asian Network at the BBC has come under criticism from the artist Stereo Nation, and Desi News’ editorial alongside entertainment company VB Media have also spoke up in support of Taz.

Taz Stereo Nation took to Facebook and said the following:

QUESTION to ‘THE BBC & to THE BBC ASIAN NETWORK’ as well as to my fans.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this RE: Your POLICY OF HOW YOU PUT YOUR so called PLAYLIST together.

My new single ‘SHAKE YA BODY’ has been Nos.1 in the itunes download charts for 4 consecutive days last week as well as entering straight into Nos.4 in your very own BBC ASIAN NETWORK CHART this morning. YET the so called Asian Network have REFUSED to playlist the single. BUT WHY? WHO and which FOOL is making these decisions ?

THIS clearly says to me that THESE DECISION’S ARE BEING MADE by someone completely BIA ST or simply ignoring the fact that the playlist should be made up of POPULAR MUSIC that is decided by PUBLIC DEMAND !!! otherwise we would be not be in the charts at NOS.1 position.

Without naming no names WHEN ASKED to a member of their team WHY WE WERE NOT PLAY LISTED the reply was, because we did not like TAZ’S chorus. LOL So NOW you are telling me that YOU GUYS ARE A&Ring artists songs?

Shouldn’t the results of chart positions be simply down to popular demand and that should the basis upon which you put your chart together.

I invite your opinion on this and especially would like to hear what the BBC & THE BBC ASIAN NETWORK have to say. An official complaint will be filed to the BBC complaints department in regards to this AS I FEEL WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW their decision making procedures. What goes on at these so called PLAYLIST MEETINGS? WHO IS MAKING THE DECISIONS AND HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY THE ABOVE? especially my this case

I welcome views and opinions from my fans & fellow artist’s to comment on this very SUSPICIOUS decision making process.



VB Media and Desi News’ editorial team have also been observing the BBC’s Asian Network for a number of months and have previously expressed concern at the pick and choose games that are played by the team at the Asian Network.

Shake Ya Body - Number 1 on iTunes World Wide.

Shake Ya Body – Number 1 on iTunes World Wide.

It is for this reason, a spokesman for VB Media and Desi News said:

“We are backing Taz Stereo Nation and will be supporting the artist to show the BBC’s management that the Asian Network has become a biased organisation that requires reform.”

Desi News’ editorial is set to meet Members of Parliament to take our views forward and express them to the Culture Secretary who is responsible for the public owned network the BBC. Desi News’ editorial added:

“The network is funded by British tv licence payers, they should have control on what music is used and the mafia who run the station can’t continue to dominate the agenda at the network.”

If you are interested in joining Desi News in the complaint we are making, email us at newsdesk@desinews.co.uk.