Desi News calls for Stereo Nation fans to complain to the BBC over Asian Network

Photo Credit: Creative Click

Photo Credit: Creative Click

Desi News’ editorial is inviting Taz Stereo Nation fans and anyone who is not happy with the way in which the BBC Asian Network works and playlists songs to follow the following procedure.

1. Visit the BBC Complaints Website via this link.

2. Fill in your details.

3. Copy and Paste this Complaint Email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to complain about the way in which the BBC Asian Network has conducted it’s playlisting. Recently a track was released by worldwide acclaimed artist Taz of Stereo Nation which was called Shake Ya Body.

The song was a worldwide hit and was on iTunes for 4 days as the Number One track across the globe. Despite this the Asian Network has failed to play the track as part of their playlist.

We believe this is due to a bias with staff who only playlist tracks they want and they don’t look at the credibility and popularity of music.

We call on you to investigate into this matter.