Envy Worldwide question BBC Asian Network’s Playlist Team

Envy Worldwide, the record label behind artists including Dr Zeus, Bilal Saeed, and now the label which has released Taz Stereo Nation’s collaboration ‘Shake Ya Body’ which features Biti, Sabrina and oNe has posted on Facebook a number of questions for the BBC’s Asian Network. The questions have been posed following Taz Stereo Nation’s statement which suggested the BBC Asian Network ignored ‘Shake Ya Body’ and have avoided listing the song as part of their playlist.

Envy Worldwide posted on Facebook:


At Envy we don’t normally have much to complain about as we receive good media support from all platforms and I would guess that shows we release good popular music enjoyed by music lovers across the globe.

We have previously had records not play listed and as normal I would kindly ask for an explanation and then pass those thoughts onto the artist concerned.

With Shake Ya Body it was not play listed on week of release (27/03/15), which I presume that the team involved in the playlist meeting took a call that this would not be a popular track.

However when it’s goes into a playlist meeting the following week (03/04/15) when it was at No.1 in The iTunes Charts and had been there for a few days then you’d assume that the powers to be would take back their initial thoughts of the track and listen to public on what is successful based on the success of the track.

However again it was ignored for the playlist for this week. I can therefore understand the frustration of the artist and all involved.

Questions have been asked in a professional manner and I urge ‘the questioned’ to respond with a logical answer to their decision and policy on playlists for a station funded by the British pubic.

I also would stress the question as to why they don’t support British made music more than Bollywood.

This is not a personal attack on any individual but a question from the British Asian Music scene which needs the support of all media just the way the British Asian public support our industry.

It’s worrying times when you see a station, that over the last few years, has reduced it’s staff to less than 10% of what it had 5 years ago.
Obviously funding has been reduced from within the BBC but what does this say?
Do we have a cultural issue? Can this really be a race issue?
Or are cuts justified based on a downward trend in listeners?
If so, is the Asian Network run badly by its top tier management?
Are the shows and producers out of date with what the public wants to hear?

We ask these questions out of concern for an Asian Music Industry, which needs media platforms like the BBC more than ever.
We need to work together to help keep this industry alive.

Envy Worldwide

Following the statement, comments have been left on Facebook agreeing with Envy Worldwide,one comment by Don-e Dee said:

“Agreed and supported all the way.”

Desi News’ editorial is supporting Taz Stereo Nation on this dispute with the BBC Asian Network and said:

“We are with Taz Stereo Nation on this issue – they have for far too long played politics about who is playlisted and who is not. These games must stop, if they aren’t we will take this to a Government level and call for an independent investigation into the remit of the BBC Asian Network.”

Desi News is to organise a mass complaint exercise against the BBC Asian Network. If you want to get involved, email us at newsdesk@desinews.co.uk.