Rameet Kaur’s Tera Karke gets 70K hits and continues to grow


Rameet Kaur, who is acclaimed as being one of British Asian music’s leading female singers has had more than 70,000 people listen to her track Tera Karke via YouTube. This has been acclaimed as a success and Desi News caught up with entertainment company VB Media for their review of the song and were told the song is an absolutely brilliant song.

Rameet who started her career in music as an artist as part of the Stranger Family, went onto producing songs with other music maestros, including her recent release Tera Karke which was produced by super punjabi producer DJ Surinder Rattan.

VB Media said about the song:

“Rameet is an amazing artist, and if you are asking us for a review, well then we are proud to say this song hits 10/10. This is an amazing song, and we wish Rameet well.”

You can see the video for the song Tera Karke below: