Taz Stereo Nation collaborates with Mr. Vegas on Bollywood


Taz Stereo Nation, the hit maker who has been driving new vibes in the South Asian music industry has collaborated with Mr. Vegas the Jamaican music artist on the track ‘Bollywood’. This collaboration follows dozens of several collaborations between Taz Stereo Nation and artists from across the globe. The song which is titled ‘Bollywood’ is an absolute hit and has a very catchy beat to it. Alongside the good beat, it features the two artist’s lyrics.

Desi News caught up with VB Media for their views of the song, a spokesperson for VB Media said:

“This song is ready to be dropped into a Bollywood film and used as the song for an item song – without a doubt – Taz has shown once again he is the pioneer of fusion music in the South Asian music market.

“Taz has killed it with another hot tune.”

You can listen to the song on SoundCloud below:

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