North West campaigners launch ‘North West for Europe’ campaign


A group of campaigners and businesses from all sides of the political spectrum from the North West of England have joint forces to launch the North West for Europe campaign group to campaign for a ‘Remain’ vote at the EU referendum in June 2016.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron made the announcement today that the UK would be holding a referendum on the 23rd June 2016 to decide on the future of the UK in Europe. Hours before the announcement by the Prime Minister, the group made the announcement of their launch.

A spokesperson for the North West for Europe campaign said:

“We are delighted that several high profile business people and campaigners from across the North West have joint forces to campaign for a Remain vote at the referendum in June.

“The UK is stronger, safer and more prosperus in Europe and that’s the message we will be pushing across the region leading to the referendum in June.”

From the main political parties, the large propotion of Labour, Conservative and the on a whole the Liberal Democrats support a remain vote whilst fractions of the Conservatives and UKIP are calling for an exit from Europe. Desi News is supporting the remain camp and we believe Britain is better off in Europe.